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What is Cerakote Coating?

Cerakote is a ceramic-based polymer spray coating that can be used to protect metal, plastics and polymers, and wood as well.  Cerakote physically outperforms every other available coating for your firearm or knife in resistance to abrasion, corrosion, heat, chemical and hardness.

Cerakote Color Options

Cerakote is offered in a variety of colors.  The H-series is oven-baked and comes in over 100 colors from hot pink to graphite black, and the Elite series is the toughest Cerakote yet, rivaling Teflon in its abrasion resistance and is offered in 10 earth tone, organically pigmented colors.

Why Choose Longarm Gunsmithing In Alabama For Your Cerakote Coating

Longarm Gunsmithing is a factory trained and certified Cerakote Applicator.  If it is metal, whether it’s a rifle, shotgun, handgun or even your knife, it can be Cerakoted, and you will never again worry about your metal rusting even in the most extreme conditions.

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We Offer Cerakote Gun Coating for the Following:

Shotgun/Rifle Coatings

Shotgun Coatings (Metal Only)

Rifle Coatings

Barreled Action Only Coatings

Barreled Action & Bolt Coatings

Hand Gun Coatings

Firearm Parts

Slide Only Semi-Auto Coatings

Shotgun/Rifle stocks



…And More – Just Ask!