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New stock for an old shotgun
Metal Finishing and Gun Modifications in Montgomery, AL
Gun Modifications in Montgomery, AL
Cerakote .243 Win
Big Bertha 30-06 rifle build

“Fantastic customer service! I asked Bryan to clean and service my 50-year-old 410 shotgun that hadn’t been fired in more than 30 years. He kept me informed throughout the entire process, letting me know what needed to done to gun. He always asked for my approval before he did anything and let me know the estimated cost. It’s now good as new and operates like it did when I first got it. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and cost.”

James S


“Finish rework: Quality of work was second to none on the refinishing/reblueing of an old Ruger single six .22 caliber pistol. The pistol was in terrible condition when we inherited it with rust covering most of the steel areas of the gun. Bryan also took time to refinish the aluminum surfaces as well and this old handgun looks brand new now.”

Andy D

“Just wanted to say thanks to Longarm Gunsmithing for the great job of pillar bedding my F-Open rifle. The fit and finish is top notch. Not only did it make removing and reinstalling my action to the same torque settings easy but my groups have gotten smaller. Also the work you did to my cheek rest has worked out perfect the bolt is a lot easier to remove now.”

Larry L.