Our Services/Pricing

*All prices are estimates. Actual cost may vary due to firearm condition.

Service Charges | Clean and Oil Customer Gun | Metal Finishing | Install and Level Optical Sight/Zero | General Barrel and Action Work | Miscellaneous

Service Charges

  • Per Man Hour $50
  • Per Man & Machine Hour $70
  • Minimum Charge per Gun $25
  • Firearms Transfer Fee $20 per firearm

Clean and Oil Customer Gun

  • Basic Cleaning $25 (consists of cleaning barrel and exterior of gun/light surface rust removal)
  • Mid-level Cleaning $50 (consists of field stripping, cleaning interior and exterior of firearm, reassembly, and test firing)
  • Complete Cleaning $75 (consists of full disassembly, cleaning all parts, inspecting all parts for wear, reassembly, and test firing)

Metal Finishing

Rust Blueing (cost dependent on condition of firearm, rust and pitting removal add $100, all prices include disassembly and reassembly)

  • Shotgun/Rifle $250
  • Hand Gun $250

Cerakote (rust and pitting removal add $100, all prices include disassembly and reassembly)

  • Long Guns
  • Shotgun (metal only) $225
  • Rifle
  • AR Rifle $250 (includes upper, lower, barrel, handguard, pins, and controls, does not include pistol grip/stock)
  • Lever Action Rifle, metal parts only $250
  • Bolt action, barreled action only  $200
  • Bolt action, barreled action and bolt $225
  • Hand Gun $200-250
  • Slide only semi-auto $100
  • Shotgun/Rifle stocks additional $100 (some stocks will not endure the baking process)
  • Multiple colors add $40 per additional color ($25 if in stock)
  • Rifle Scopes $100 (one color)
  • MultiCam and other Camo patterns (Priced on Request)
  • Cold Blueing Touch Up Hourly Rate + materials
  • Engraving for barrels, etc. $5 per character

Install and Level Optical Sight/Zero

  • Riflescope, base and rings $50 + parts
  • Customer-supplied parts $50
  • Zero Customer Riflescope $50 (does not include ammunition cost; add $20 for magnums)

General Barrel and Action Work

  • Remove fouling from barrel (Hourly Rate)
  • Polish barrel and/or chamber – Shotgun $60 | Rifle $50
  • Remove stuck case from chamber (Hourly Rate)
  • Remove live round (Hourly Rate)
  • Trigger Installation $40-75 (does not include cost of trigger)
  • Cut and Crown barrel $100
  • Thread Barrel for muzzle brake $125 /suppressor $150 (includes thread protector for suppressor threading)
  • Install Oversized Bolt Knob $60 (includes new bolt knob)
  • Lap Bolt Lugs $50 (does not include setting back barrel, head-spacing, etc.)
  • Rebarrel Rifle $150 (includes removing old barrel, rebarreling rifle and headspacing; does not include cost of barrel or blueing/finishing)
  • Action Trueing $250 (includes removing/reinstalling barrel, squaring bolt lug recesses and receiver face, trueing bolt face, dressing and aligning receiver threads, lapping bolt lugs, and new head spacing )
  • Glass bed rifle action $150
  • Pillar bedding only  $100
  • Glass bed rifle action with pillars $200

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  • Drill/tap rifle/shotgun receiver $25/hole
  • Drill/remove broken screw $25/screw
  • Drill/tap for shotgun front bead $40
  • Make rifle chamber cast $50
  • Check chamber headspace $25
  • Trigger work (all guns) $50-125
  • Stock Work (priced upon request) Hourly Rate + materials

Other Repairs, Maintenance, and Modifications priced upon request.

Longarm Gunsmithing