*All prices are estimates. Actual cost may vary due to firearm condition.


Service Charges | Clean and Oil Customer Gun | Metal Finishing | Install and Level Optical Sight/Zero | General Barrel and Action Work | Miscellaneous

Service Charges

– Per Man Hour $40

– Per Man & Machine Hour $60

– Minimum Charge per Gun $25

Clean and Oil Customer Gun

– Basic Cleaning $25
(consists of cleaning barrel and exterior of gun/light surface rust removal)

– Mid-level Cleaning $50
(consists of field stripping, cleaning interior and exterior of firearm, reassembly, and test firing)

– Complete Cleaning $75
(consists of full disassembly, cleaning all parts, inspecting all parts for wear, reassembly, and test firing)

Metal Finishing

– Rust Blueing (cost dependent on condition of firearm)
Shotgun/Rifle $200-250
Hand Gun $150-200
– Cerakote (
rust and pitting removal add $50)
Shotgun (metal only) $200
barreled action only  $175
barreled action and bolt $200
Hand Gun $150-200
Slide only semi-auto $100
– Shotgun/Rifle stocks additional $50 (
some stocks will not endure the baking process)
– Multiple colors add $50 per additional color

Cold Bluing Touch Up Hourly Rate + materials
Epoxy spray in various colors Hourly Rate + materials

– Engraving for barrels, etc. $5 per letter


Install and Level Optical Sight/Zero

– Riflescope, base and rings $60 + parts

– Customer-supplied parts $60

– Zero Customer Riflescope $40
(does not include ammunition cost; add $20 for magnums)

General Barrel and Action Work

– Remove fouling from barrel Hourly Rate

– Polish barrel and/or chamber
— Shotgun $60
— Rifle $50

– Remove stuck case from chamber Hourly Rate

– Remove live round Hourly Rate

– Trigger Installation $40-75
(does not include cost of trigger)

– Cut and Crown barrel $100

– Thread Barrel for muzzle brake/suppressor $125
(includes thread protector)

– Install Oversized Bolt Knob $60
(does not include cost of new bolt knob)

– Lap Bolt Lugs $50
(does not include setting back barrel, head-spacing, etc.)

– Rebarrel Rifle $150
(includes removing old barrel, rebarreling rifle and headspacing; does not include cost of barrel or bluing/finishing)

– Action Trueing $250
(includes removing/reinstalling barrel, squaring bolt lug recesses and receiver face, trueing bolt face, dressing and aligning receiver threads, lapping bolt lugs, and new head spacing )

– Glass bed rifle action $150
– Pillar bedding only  $100
– Glass bed rifle action with pillars $200

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– Drill/remove broken screw $25/screw

– Drill/tap for shotgun front bead $40

– Make rifle chamber cast $50

– Check chamber headspace $50

– Trigger work (all guns) $50-125

– Stock Work (priced upon request) Hourly Rate + materials


Other Repairs, Maintenance, and Modifications priced upon request.